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    Default Flare gun

    Has anyone had experience crossing into Canada with a flare gun and shotgun flares ? Thinking it might be good bear deterent along with bear spray but dont know about the Canadian laws on flare guns.

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    Question Don't know....

    about the laws on flare gun pistols in Canada, I would guess that they won't like it much, so I would leave it home. You won't need bear protection anyway if you are just flying thru.

    If you really feel the need for bear protection use a hand held flare like the bear viewing guides do, (Eagle Enterprises has them) or carry a shot gun. The problem I see (or won't be able to see) is that with the flare method night time use will be kinda sketchy as your vision will be compromised after using the flare.

    Another thing to think about with a flare gun is this,.... ... you miss the bear and the flare goes past the bear and now pushes it twords you instead of away from you !!!!!!!!. A frine of mine had this happen with a cow moose,... turned into a very interesting situation, not leathal ( for him) but quite dangerous and frightening.

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    Default 12 gauge

    Since they are 12 gauge it would probably have to be checked at the border like any other firearm.

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    Can't speak to the border crossing issue. Have noted however that flares and cracker rounds have both proven dubious for deterring bears, but pretty reliable for starting wildfires...

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    Thumbs down No flares!!!

    A flare gun is NOT a bear deterrent device. Leave it in your boat and just take the pepper spray and some bear awareness training.

    Intentional (i.e. premeditated) use of a flare gun in such a manner is a violation of several laws and will cost you a LOT of money. First, it is a distress signal device. Firing it for any reason other than as a distress signal is illegal (being "distressed" by a bear doesn't count). Second, it is a fire starting device. Intentionally discharging it into the woods instantly makes you liable for the hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) that it will take to put the fire out.
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