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    Default Rod building

    I would like to remind everyone there will be a Rodbuilding Club/Group Gathering This Saturday April 17th.

    If your interested but have no experience stop by and we will help you get started

    If your a Master builder stop on by and help us out.

    There is room for everyone in this group

    It will start Around 10:00ish and end up around 4:00. It will be at the Peters Creek American Legion. Here are the directions. DON'T use google or Yahoo Maps. They will get you lost

    From Anchorage drive north on the Glenn.
    Take the first Peters creek exit
    At the off ramp stop sign turn left
    Drive untill you hit the 4 way stop sign and take a right there
    Now drive about 3/4 of a mil and you will see Post 33 on the left hand side of the road.

    From Wasilla drive south on the Glenn
    Take the second peters creek exit
    At the off ramp stop sign take a right
    Drive until you hit the 4 way stop sign and take a right there
    Now drive about 3/4 of a mil and you will see Post 33 on the left hand side of the road.

    If you have any questions Email me at
    Or call me at 229-2757

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    Keep your chin up, bud! You know I am a true fan.

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    Default Thank You

    I would like to Thank everyone for coming out to the Rodbuilding Gathering. We had between 6 & 8 people throughout the day. I am proud to say that there is one more rodbuilder in the world today. Frank Wilkinson came out and learned how to assemble a rod, and how to wrap guides on, this is one of We had 2 attendee's from the previous gathering. Mark Brooks came out, brought his wife along with. I had exchanged Emails with Mark prior to this and he was asking questions about Customizing a rod for his wife. There was a lot of discussion on his different options so I hope we havn't muddied the waters too much for them. Pete Pickett came and brought with him a homemade wrapping stand. For less than $20.00 he was able to put together a wrapping stand using a drill he had. I was impressed. What was even more impressive to me was able to was his technic for drying the finish on the rod he built. It just goes to show that with a little ingenuity you can do a lot with a little.
    I am terrible with names so please forgive me for not remembering the names of everyone in attendance. I do appreciate everyone that came out, and I hope to see everyone come back.

    There will be one more Gathering May 22nd then we will take a break until the fall. I will be sure to post reminders out here


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    Default I almost forgot

    I want to thank John Lubben for coming down from Fairbanks. He brought a lot of insight to the group, so I hope he makes it back down.



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