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Thread: Looking for Information on DS102 (TMA)

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    Default Looking for Information on DS102 (TMA)

    I am a lucky ********* and finally drew my Tok Sheep Permit. I hoping some folks here can help me with information specific to the Robertson Glacier area. I'm booked w/ 40 mile air and for the first week and just know that this is a good area. If anyone has hunted it ans is willing to share what they learned and point me in a good direction, it would be much appreciated.
    Please feel free to PM me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Get more leave off and go earlier.

    My advice to you is to get in 5 days before the season to get adjusted to your spot and climb up into the high valleys or a central bench in a pass or saddle. Slowly go up to the top of the local arete or peek to spot with your spotter and return to camp. Don't be hasty but take your time in there. You won't spook animals.
    40 Mile will just as soon get you in earlier and then call with an iridium sat phone when you want to get picked up. You will have the sheep patterned and probably get a bigger sheep than your competitors. Just take the hit.

    Your spouse or boss will forgive you when you bring back sheep steaks.

    Rock on.



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