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Thread: Lamson Reels for Salt (or others) - ULA?

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    Default Lamson Reels for Salt (or others) - ULA?

    Looking at gear for the new season. Thinking a reel I can use on heavy gear and in salt might be nice. Thinking about the Lamson ULA as a possibility, I have a Teton Tioga for my 8 already. Don't know how it would hold up in salt. Any thoughts? Any favorite reels for rods up to 10wt in the salt?

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    Can't say man. Got some Lamson Velocity reels on a 7 wt, but never fished the salt with them. General impression, Lamson is awesome stuff. I have some Ross Big Game Canyon reels for my 10 wt rig that are built like a brick shet house, but have not used them yet so can't say for sure. But they have good reputation. Great website below. You may find some useful info here...

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    Default Lamson Litespeed

    I've got two of the older Lamson litespeeds. I have fished the 3.5 on my 8wt numerous times in the salt with no problems. Lamson recommends you rinse the reel and line thoroughly with fresh water at the end of each day, and I do follow this, but I have never had any problems.

    Lamson customer service:

    I dropped my 1.5 on a rock while fishing in Yosemite a couple of years ago and bent the spool all to heck. I missed the hatch getting it bent back-out to where it was fishable. I sent it in that next winter to see if Lamson could help; they not only fixed the spool for me, but replaced the drag assembly and a couple of other things at no charge. Top notch company and their drags are incredibly smooth and reliable. Bonefish will put a reel to the test, and my Lamson keeps performing.

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    Reels that I have had freeze-up or blow out after heavy salt use in AK-
    Ross BG
    Ross Canyon
    Loop Mega

    Reels that are funky or "not 100%" because of heavy salt use in AK-
    Ross CLA
    Galvan Torque

    The only reels that I use in salt in AK-
    Nautilus NV (go-to, #1)
    Abel super
    Nautilus CCF

    Reels that I use extensively that won't ever see heavy salt work
    Nautilus FW+

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Lamson reels, and have used a few of mine in the salt...but after the telltale grinding and rub, and subsequent drag overhauls, the Lamsons stay in the fresh from now on.

    If you are looking at a ULA, I would suggest that you look at the NV too - same pricepoint, much better reel.


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