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    Just received 12 flyrods I ordered in Portland earlier this year. 6 8/9 wts and 6 5/6 wts. 8 of the reels were broken! The "feet" broke off each reel. I really like the rods and of course rods and reels have a lifetime warranty but that wont do me any good if I am in the middle of my season out in the bush. I tried to buy good stuff without going broke doing it and was told good things about this combo but now I am wondering if I made a mistake.... If it was just one or two reels I wouldnt be to concerned but 8!! The shop I bought them from is great one phone call and new reels are in the mail. Anybody else use the courtland stuff??? Anyone have any suggestions as to what I might buy next time?? I am using this stuff for clients so they dont have to fly with gear. We fish for big lake trout, Northern pike and grayling.

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    Unless I've gotten seriously out of touch....Cortland's strength is not their rods or reels. They have nice lines but they are definitely at the bottom of the tackle heap (kinda like scientific anglers rods...functional but far from nice) I had a Cortland spey rod break this spring....essentially the second ferrule was about an inch long out of the factory (compared to 2 to 2.5 inch connections on all the others I looked at later...this was a craigslist deal, or not deal really) and the female immediately cracked, then I tried to fix it...fixed it too well and after one or two hours of casting, the male end broke clean's currently at the factory getting repaired/replaced but it's just not a very good rod in the and learn for me I guess.

    Long story short, when it comes to rods and reels, there are other brands out there that offer better quality for the same price....


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