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Thread: Marten bait idea

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    Default Marten bait idea

    I had a bag of salmon eggs in the freezer that got thawed out by accident. I came up with this idea. I got some small wire and a couple ice cube trays, then took a length of wire about as long as my arm, folded it in half with a couple of bends in the middle to help it keep from pulling through. Then placed each wire in each ice cube square in the tray that I had filled with the salmon eggs then refroze. Instant salmon sickles. you just bust them out and put in a gallon baggie. When you need bait you take one and put it on a pole, set or where ever you need a little change up bait. I just did it and am anxious to see how it works. What do you guys think?

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    I've used soured salmon eggs in the past. Sounds like your idea is good. Might need a bigger chunk than one cube tho.
    Sure you don't want to save those eggs for trout fishing? Best under ice bait there is.
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    Talking Word of Caution

    That sounds like it would work just fine to me. However, I have to caution about one potentially dangerous risk to your plan. You must never, ever, under any circumstance, let your wife find that ice cube tray and it's contents. Either your marriage or your trapping days will surely be over.

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    Default worked for me

    I did something similar, although I didn't go quite so far as to make egg-cicles. I had some slightly tainted salmon eggs that I had cured for salmon bait, but decided to use for marten. I wrapped them up in some netting and let them freeze. It saved me a ton of time on the 'line this year. Just reach in the pack, grab a frozen egg sack and wire it in place. Here's a shot of the setup. Not sure how well you can see it, but the eggs are the bright orangish-pink thing hanging from the middle of the pole.


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