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Thread: Fishing Line as survival cordage

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    About 6 months ago I got the tip that braided 75lb fishing line makes gread cordage for a survival kit. And so far it seems to. Compact, light weight, very strong. But I can't seem to make it work without tangling it, unless I wrap it, and then uncoil it in just right. I need a better way to store this stuff. Untangling a knot in fishing line so you can put up a poncho tarp when its cold and wet doesn't seem like the problems you should be worrying about when you're in a real survival situation.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    a flat spool out of a piece of 1/8 - 1/4" plywood. Fashion a capital "H" or a cross-section of an "I" beam with a very thick web member, leaving enough of the flanges to hold the line from sliding off. You can size it accordingly. Cut a pair of slots in the plywood to secure the tails and your done.

    Or go fetch up the device that commercial fishermen use to repair the web of their nets. Sorry I don't know what the gizzie is called but if you was describe what you need and such I'm sure they would be able to point you the net mending gizzie isle.
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