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Thread: Better (Cold Weather) survival knife?

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    Default Better (Cold Weather) survival knife?

    I've got an old Air Force Survival Knife that has been a great utility knife for about the past 2 years. When I first bought the thing, I cut off the rediculously large guard and put a decent edge on the knife. For the most part, I couldn't ask for a better knife to make kindling with, etc., except for the fact that its buttplate is made of steel. Not so much fun when its nice and cold out. Is there a decently equivalent knife that's not so abrasive to handle with bare hands when its cold?

    Thaks in advance for the help.
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    I carry a standard drop-point hunting knife for cutting, and a Kukri for chopping. If you get a good Kukri (min width 3/16", 1/4" is better- look for carbon steel because stainless won't hold an edge) you'll have yourself a good knife for chopping wood. A lot of the kukri's have a grooved wooden handle- avoid those because they'll tear up your hands. They've got good ones that have a nice rubberized handle and those are nice. You can pick up a good Kukri for $20 if you look around.
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