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    OK, Yes Im new to this forum, however I have been lurking in the shadows of the forum for the last few months or so. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has done this hunt before. I am still thinking about maybee floating, or just going up the jeep trail and seeing where I can get to. If anyone has any info for the area that they wouldnt mine sharing. I would appreaciate it. Also let me know if anyone else drew a permit for this year. Thanks.

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    Oh yea, Its the south east side of the Matanuska River. Starting at The North end of Palmer, north to chickaloon. Really just thinking about access.

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    Drew the same permit, going to scout the area this spring/summer and see what kind of access there is into this area. Dont have access to a raft, have truck, four wheelers and feet. If anyone else has some info that'd be great, sounds like there is a bit of private property you got to work around also. Should be a great hunt and a chance for me to take one with my bow and fill the freezer.

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    Yea... I have the same three. Google earth is usless for that area. I was going to start scouting this weekend (For Possible bear bait locations as well) The privite land is kinda what im concerned about.


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