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Thread: Bauer Reels on closeout

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    Default Bauer Reels on closeout

    If anyone is looking for a good deal on a nice reel, i just picked up a new Bauer Mackenzie reel on If you sign up for their online dealflyer, they will send you coupons every week or so. I used a 25% off coupon they sent me and picked up a 6-7wt reel for just over $200. Thought people might like to know.

    click this link and it should immediately give you the 25% off deal for the next couple days.

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    Default Joan Wulff fishes these reels...

    She's as good a teacher of fly casting as I ever watched when learning. And she can still finesse a fly line. I don't know if she has some business connection with Bauer or not, but suppose she could fish any reel she wanted. Still enjoy the story of her casting 161 feet against an all male field of distance casters to win many years ago.

    Should be fine reels. Thanks. Here's a YouTube clip - and her technique is still worth modeling though I didn't get a clear view of the reel:


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