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Thread: 338 Ultra Mag/210 XLC range report.

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    Default 338 Ultra Mag/210 XLC range report.

    Figured I'd share some shooting I did this morning, with a chambering that might interest some Alaskan hunters. I loaded up some of the old blue 210gr XLC's for my 338 Ultra Mag this morning. I'm at 94.2gr of RL22 in virgin RP brass for right at 3100 fps according to my PACT. I know some guys lean on the 338Ultra/210 harder, but I decided to stay where I'm at, as the accuracy was good. (3/4")

    Rifle is a SS Rem 700 in a McMillan Classic Swirly stock. Talley Lwts and a Leupold FX3(the newest) 6x42LR. The scope is also outfitted with a CDS turret.

    I pulled the bolt and bore sighted the rifle to paper at 50yds. I then moved my target out to 100 yards. Took me a few shots and I had it zero'd at 2" high. First "dot" put me 3.5 inches high. Second dot put me at 7 inches high. This is my first time playing with a LR reticle. Normally I'm a turret guy. According to the numbers that come off of JBM, that gives me 225yd zero, 325, and 425 with the dots. I'll go out and verify that tomorrow at those ranges. I'll also tape a drop chart on the side of the stock for using the turret if I ever shoot beyond 425.

    And yes, it kicks like a mule, but thankfully I'm not recoil sensitive! I've got some 225gr Northfork bullets to load up too.

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    For some reason I could not get much accuracy from the blue bullets (225-grain) and my .338WM. But the 225-grain TSX are a lot different. I load for hunting, but the TSX is not picky at all which makes it easy to load.

    But maybe the blue bullets will work with your .338 RUM. Let us know how your experiment goes next time.

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    225gr Accubond with 103.0gr of Retumbo. Clocked right at 3140fps out
    Of my 338 rum. Excellent accuracy and hit like a frieght train. I have found that retu
    Bo is the go to powder for the RUMs.

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    That must be a fairly compressed charge.. 15%?


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