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Thread: One Fish Limit for Halibut

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    Angry One Fish Limit for Halibut

    This could be decided next Friday! Read RFA newsletter below:

    January 12, 2007 Edition 42 Visit to learn more about the RFA or how to become a member today!

    Protecting The Rights Of Sport Fishermen Coast To Coast
    Your action is needed now. The fate of sport fishing for halibut in Alaska will be decided in Canada, not the U.S.A., behind closed doors by the commercial fishing industry during the week of January 15, 2007. Currently, Alaska's commercial fleets harvest over 90% of the US halibut quota and kill over 12 million pounds in bycatch alone. This waste associated with commercial bycatch is close to double the amount that sport anglers catch. Despite this unbalanced allocation, commercial halibut longliners are strongly pushing to cut recreational bag limits in half just so they can have more fish to sell. The methods used to pursue these proposed cuts are extremely troublesome. Halibut are managed under an international treaty between the U.S.A. and Canada by an organization called the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). The IPHC's main job is to continually monitor the health of the halibut biomass and then determine how many pounds of halibut can be harvested in a given year. That harvest amount gets divided between the U.S., and Canada. Under usual circumstances, the allowable catch for halibut is then managed federally by the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council (NPFMC), under the control of the National Marine Fisheries Service. NPFMC as well as the other seven federal management councils. This normal process is being subverted in a foreign country by the IPHC which is completely controlled by commercial fishing interests. Ironically, the Magnuson-Stevens Act which bears the name of Alaska's prominent senator, Senator Ted Stevens, is being subverted by commercial interests from the Senator's own state, and their actions will adversely effect Alaskan residents and visitors alike. We cannot allow this to happen. The Magnuson-Stevens Act was recently reauthorized by our Congress in 2006 and dictates a transparent process with public input. It is necessary that you call, fax, or email Dr. William Hogarth, Assistant Administrator NOAA Fisheries, Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska, and your local Senator immediately. Let them know that fishermen will not stand for this action and that the management of the halibut charter fishery must remain with the NPFMC and the US.
    Please call, write and fax your concerns today.
    Dr. William T. Hogarth
    National Marine Fisheries Service
    301 301-2239 phone
    301 713-1940 fax

    Senator Ted Stevens
    United States Senate from Alaska
    202 224-3004 phone
    202 224-3004 fax
    Use the following URL to find yourSenator

    While the commercialy controlled IPHC is trying to destroy as many charter operators as it can, while it can, in 2007 they are in turn raising the commercial catch by 1 million pounds in area 3A alone. Their projected commercial catch for the next 5 years will increased by over 20 milliion pounds and how many of these fish will go to the sport angler? Easy answer.... NONE!!! not a single one. If you think this can't be true go to IPHC website and download the report (Its a PFD file).
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    From what I'm hereing out of BC were going to get a one fish limit in June for area 3A (Whittier, Seward, Homer, etc.) and area 2 will get it for June and July. I've also heard that the commercials are trying to throw us a bone and hope we bite for 125% of the 2005 catch. I myself don't want to be back here fishing all summer, fighting all winter long to be able to fish, as has been the case since 1998. There will be strong opposition to any reduction in sport caught fish while the commercial catch is growing, read that as "lawsuits to follow". Hope everyone sees what a waste it would be to take your boat out for one fish limit, not to mention the fact how hard it would make it for me to sell to the customer.
    Will update when the final word is out.
    Alaska Wildrose Charters and Cabins


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