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Thread: Intermediate Sea Kayaking class at UAA

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    Default Intermediate Sea Kayaking class at UAA

    Just wanted to see if anyone may be interested in pushing their kayaking skills to the next level. If you can wet exit, self rescue, and know paddle techniques, this is the next step for you.

    UAA is offering an intermediate sea kayaking course this early summer. we will spend 7 days on the water, circumnavigate Culross island and paddle back to Whittier. Not only is this an expedition but you will learn lots of great sea kayaking skills (navigation, paddling, packing, group management, etc.). The instructor has 25 years paddling experience in Alaska.

    Sorry to advertise on the forum, but I would like to see this class/course go so we need some more folks to sign-up. if you have any questions please contact me at or the UAA HPER department at 786-4083

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    How much would the course cost if you have your own gear/kayak?


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