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Thread: 2010 Drawing permits

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    Default 2010 Drawing permits

    So I am interested in who drew what this year. if you drew a Alaska tag this year, just let all of us know. I drew 2 tags. A caribou on the Ferry Trail and a buffalo tag in Delta.

    Congrats in advance.

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    me and both of my cousins drew moose tags off the Yanert Fork and to top it off they were any bull tags!!! we are all pretty stoked!!! ...and speaking of which...we are having a hard time finding anyone who flies in there or has horses that can pack us in...we dont need a giude, but we need a way to get in and out with (possibly) 3 moose...any one know or heard or anyone that will put uss in a decent spot?

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    Do a search including the word "yanert" on the hunt forum, someone last year posted phone #s for flights out of cantwell of them wont take you as they are a guiding operation up the Yanert...the other apparently will...Theres some good info on this area if you do the searching...good luck.


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