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Thread: Highway Angler?

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    Default Highway Angler?

    Was wondering when the new version should be out?
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    I thought he just put an updated one out about a years or so ago?
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    i wasn't to happy with the book. You can get all the same info on the fish and game webpage.

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    Default Highway Angler

    I don't know if the book I have is the latest edition or not but it sits on top of the milepost and the gazeteer in the front seat of my jeep! I have found it to be very accurate and an enormous help while exploring the highway system. It has led me to numerous places that were relativley easy to get to yet without the crowds. I have found a lot of miles of river and numerous lakes that I have had to myself (no crowds, nobody but myself!) as a direct result of the information I was able to glean from the Highway Angler. Yes, in some instances I have had to do a little walking or paddling but solitude and good fishing, great fishing...are available to anyone that is willing to do some research and willing to walk a little! Kudos to Pederson!


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