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Thread: osos negros / bears blacks

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    Question osos negros / bears blacks

    Howdy interested in quality of spring bear meat? looking at a kenai peninsula black bear this spring?Dont like wasting anything including time and/or healthy animal(s). Not hunting for an egos or trophies. Just some good grub on the table, and a little time out of anchorage.Any sex, age, timing pro's or cons in regards to taste? berry bear?when?

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    Commonly bears are judged by hide quality and size. Since it seems you are after the adventure and meat; I don't think it really matters when you shoot a black bear it will be decent meat. It is when the bear is down; that's when much of the meat degradation (spoiling) can occur. So you may want to avoid warmer days and hunt areas you can best handle removing a bear from the field.

    Some say fall bears are best after they have been eating berries for a while.

    The only time I hear of bear meat being bad is when...they are the local dump/garbage bear or when they spend most of their time eating fish. But; it is amazing what a marinade and a slow cook can do.

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    Ive had both fall and spring bear both are great even fish bears are good as long as they are eating fresh fish like out of seward stream Ive never had one that was eating spawn out salmon so I dont know

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    Default Good experience

    I got a black bear out of PWS two years ago at the beginning of June. I, like you, was in it predominantly for the meat (although my pocketbook suggests that I may be guilty of having a rug made....) He was very tasty! I have a friend that got a brown bear out of PWS in September or October. He said the thing smelled so bad, outside and in, he couldn't even entertain the idea of bringing out the meat. I think you'll be fine with a spring bear. After the salmon really hit the streams in June and especially July, it may be a different story, but other posts here suggest it still may be okay. Let us know what you find!

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