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    Went to the grocery store today and bought the last of my bait. Bought up all of the easter jelly beans and a lot of M&Ms. Bought several 8# jugs of popcorn from Costco and to top it all off I bought several products from Bait em 907.

    What costumer service Bait em 907 has. Never met them personally but they do have a guy in Anchorage that carries products for them. He loves to talk Bears. So if you live in Anchorage or south you don't have to drive all the way to Wasilla. Top notch outfit.

    With all of the bait ready and the barrel's ready all I need is the snow to melt a little and the bears to wake.

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    I'm just waiting snow to go, it's dumping right now, and the bears to get moving. The first ones from Beluga usually start digging out around the first week of May so I have plenty of time. I'm using popcorn popped in used fry grease. I also have a few can of kool-aid for burns, five gallons of peanut butter some squirrels broke into and ruined, and a gallon of cheap vanilla to dress things up.

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    ...we're getting there..
    -been collecting grease all winter....

    -We are going to make a point to contacting Bait'em 907, acting purchasing some stuff....

    -I can't believe it's almost April 15th!!
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    Thumbs up I am

    I got my stuff together and a buddy is going to help me pack it back to my station on Thursday. First time baiting kinda excited.
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    Got gallons of frying grease, plenty of bread, trash bags of junk/expired sweet foods, barrel ready to go, etc. Now just need it to quit snowing and start to melt in my bait area so I can set it up. Oh and pick up a scent ball and gels balls from Baitem907 on my way to my bait site. Learned a bit last year as it was my first year baiting so hopefully might run a better operation this season. Can't WAIT! And dont forget the THERMACELL and bug dope, those buggers will be out soon...


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