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    Okay first off I would like to congratulate everyone who drew a permit.

    I just have a few questions. Since this was a new system and drawn differently in the past. I was scrolling through all the names and it appears that there are a lot of people who drew multiple tags. Iím wondering if this could be a fault in the system.

    Iím not mad that I did not draw a permit, because there is plenty of hunting to still be done. However when one guy draws a Goat, Moose, Brown Bear, and Musk OX, I wonder how many of those four will not be used. Thatís a serious financial investment in one calendar year.

    What are your thoughts?

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    There are two rather lengthy threads on this very topic. Read what folks think about multiple tag winners here:

    And read about how folks would change the system here:

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    Default Draw hunts

    From my standpoint, I go on ALL hunts that I draw a permit That I had put in for, If I know I'm not going to hunt a particular area or species I won't put in for it. Thus why I put in for, what I classify in my opinion, tags that cater to my type of hunt and areas I am familiar with. For example...not everyone puts in for Archery only moose hunts, sheep hunts etc etc.... I know theres some hunts out there where only half the hunters that draw even go, for example DG 475 on Kodiak, where they give out 80-90 tags, F&G in Kodiak told me more than half the permit holders never even go....with all that said, more power to the ones that go....the bottom line is, you gotta play to win, and the ones that drew ( even multiple tags) paid there money regardless, so I believe its all fair.

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    Question Its a dead horse

    .... the list that I saw posted of winners of 3 or more tags contained 47 names. The 2009 drawing had 67. Its not the result of a new system since there are LESS this year.

    If somebody knows enough statistics and has nothing better to do, how about doing an analysis of the 100,000+ applications to determine the statistical probably that people will draw 3 or more. They'd have to pull the complete details and know how many disctinct users there were, but I'm guessing that statistical probability would back what we've seen.


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