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    As of 8am this morning, Kenny Creek Lodge has reported a snowfall of 11 inches with at least another foot in the next couple of days. Go to his site and send him an e-mail and tell him to stay open for the weekend. We need a place to stop for a burger and beer on Saturday.

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    I closed up our cabin near Trapper Creek until summer and unloaded the sleds here in Anchorage. I was ready to move on to home improvements until the salmon show up but I may have to make one more trip. Seems like a gift that shouldn't be wasted!

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    I am headed there for sure on Saturday and possibly even Friday if I can find a few riders that want to go out and rip up this new stuff. Will be a blast riding in fresh pow again!!

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    I will be there to. Will be three of us going.
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    Won't be able to make it on Friday but plan on riding on the KP. We'll get to the Kroto parking lot around 9ish, will probably 3 of us going in and we'll be meeting up with another 3-4 riders. Should be a good time and plenty of snow to play in.

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    Rode P-ville yesterday and would say this was probably the last rideable weekend. There was snow, but the temps were high 40's and the snow had gotten soggy. Mostly you could stay on top of it with no challenge - if you tried hard enough you could carve a turn but if you got stuck the snow would set up around the sled and in the track like concrete. It took a lot of digging to get a stuck sled out because you had to free the track nearly completely. Overflow was common. We had some intervals of sun but for the most part it was overcast and towards the end of the day it was flat light.

    We did have some nice views of Denali.
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    I ended up riding Petersville Friday and Saturday with Friday being the better of the 2 days. I managed to frag a belt on Friday after riding about an hour in the nearly untracked snow. Saturday was tough, you had to keep the throttle almost pinned anytime you were off trail or you would get stuck. Climbing even small hills was a chore but nonetheless, we still managed to have a good time. I'd say this was probably our last ride to Petersville this season, might squeeze in one more ride either to Eureka or Lost Lake this Saturday.

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    Rode P-Ville yesterday and had a ball! Found untracked snow pretty quick. I have a '10 600 etec that had 2 bars left after 70 miles of riding! Deep heavy snow. I wish it would stay cool all week so we could have another fun weekend there, but the weatherman isn't cooperating with us so far!!


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