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    So my wife finally drew a tag this year and is super stoked. She drew DM696. What I am hoping to do is find some help to fill this tag. The wife is 30 and we have two little kids with one on the way. There is no way we are letting this tag go to waste as this will be her first opportunity for a moose. Because of the little kids, she has not been able to go on a hunt in four years. The last one we went on was a fly in on the Ivaskak for bou where she shot the only bou we saw in a weeks worth of hunting. The reason why I am requesting help is that with the little ones, we are going to have to make day trips out of delta. Even though this is only a cow tag, it will take some serious logistics to make it happen. We are going to need to line out baby sitters in delta and do quite a bit of scouting this Summer. If there is anyone in the area that would like to help out we would be more than willing to split the moose with you. I have a moose hunt out of Kotz booked so this will be all her. The season opens Aug 25th so we may try to take advantage of the early season weather. Any suggestions...

    Oh, and on a related matter. She hasn't shot a rifle in several years and we ended up selling her last one which was a Browning BAR .270. She was never really comfortable with it to begin with so it wasn't that hard to let it go. In fact, the only rifle that she enjoys shooting is the ar-15. So, i am thinking of building one out in either 6.5 grendel or maybe pick up a .30 rar upper if I can find one. Anybody have thoughts on this?

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    How old are the kids?

    I am not sure about the river conditions up there by why not just rent a raft and take a big 'ol tent and the kids and spend a few days camping/hunting along the river? I have had plenty of curious cows come in to the call, you could probably catch a moose right near the bank and have a great family trip out of it.

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    I have thought of that and we plan to take our 5 year old with us as he is VERY active and is not really affected by varrying weather. However, the other kids will be 2 and 6 months and that is where the baby sitter comes in. The reason why I am soliciting help is that I will likely need some help getting the moose out. I am not really to concerned with not being able to find a dry cow but am concernced about getting moma back to camp/hotel at a decent time. We don't really have any relatives to drop the kids off at up here and really don't want to drop them with friends as 3 wild kids is an excellent way to ruin friendships. I want to be sure she has a good time and everything goes well, she has certainly paid more than her far share of dues to go on this hunt.

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    Thats to funny future, you don't want to ruin a friendship, but you will make an enemy out of someone you don't know?

    LOL that's priceless.

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    The difference is that I can pay some teenage girl $100 a day to watch the kids and not feel like I took advantage of her or her family. My friends would never accept money and I would then be indebted to them and that just makes things weird. I would rather use them for a true emergency not to fullfill some lustful Moose binge!

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    I dont think you've even tipped the iceberg here as far as info needed, finding day care so you and the wife could go hunting is one thing, you realize that the most realistic way to do this hunt is to use a river boat and access the area off the Tanana right? Do you have a river boat available to you?

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    Yes I do. I just feel like it would be nice to have another hand along for the ride.

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    Gotcha, I wasn't sure if you realized that you really need a riverboat to do this hunt effectively.


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