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Thread: DM421, Ft Richardson, Muzzleloader

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    Default DM421, Ft Richardson, Muzzleloader

    Sure did get drawn for the either sex, Dec 15 - Jan 15 hunt. Have taken two moose with muzzleloader already. Would like to contact others who have drawn this tag to share information. Have you had it in the past? Places to hunt? What to watch out for? Is snowmobile legal to use?

    I know I can get all this with a bit of effort, but if someone already knows and is willing to share, all the better!

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    Your only savign grace is that your hunt well the 1st part occurs over the half day sschedules for the Soldiers so thier should eb no trainign going on. From what I heard you cannot really do any planning ie where you are going to hunt access points and such. Range control for that day will dictate where you go for that day. I have seen the map from this past year and the muzzleloader areas were out in the boonies. And again Range control will tell you where to go. I think alto of folks think they can just wander the Ft Rich area until they run into a moose and shoot it. But all the prime areas were the moose are at you cannot hunt. But your best source of info where the moose will be at will be the Soldiers becuase thier will be plenty of them out training in alot of the areas.

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