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    I drew the SW Afognak Elk tag and am looking for any input from past winners. I guess the biggest question I have to answer what the limiting factors for this hunt and how did they access the area?

    Is this a candidate for a complete drop off and do it yourself type of hunt or will I better oof in the end (financially and quality of hunt) to book with one of the lodges on Raspberry Island and eliminate most of the logistic and accomodation issues. It sounds like the flexibility to be dropped off daily in different locations throughout the week might be more productive than a single site drop off.

    Does anyone know if there are Native Corporation fees associated with this hunt?

    Early in the planning phase, but I am lookng for any information that will impact the decision.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Here you go it looks like if you do a boat based hunt you will need a permit from the Corporation. Unless you go to the end of the island not under control of the Corporation. I drew DE 717 and I'm stayign away from the native land. I suggest you call/e-mail Andrew Airways or Seahawk they will answer all your questions I know they answered mine.


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