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Thread: Finally..... I drew a tag- DS 203 DCUA Sheep

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    Default Finally..... I drew a tag- DS 203 DCUA Sheep

    After 13 years of applying faithfully I drew my first AK tag. DS 203 Delta Controlled Use Area sheep..

    Any other permit winners looking for a partner? I may need one. Waiting to hear back from a buddy who is on the slope to see if he'll be around to tag along.........

    Any suggestions or tips from past permit holders???

    Thanks in advance.


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    Congratulations on drawing your tag. With all the threads floating around about point systems and conspiracy's it's nice to see someone who has applied for as long as you have draw one. I am on the other end of the spectrum, my second year applying for DS203 and I was fortunate to draw this year. 90% of my hunts are solo because I usually cannot find someone to commit to going with me, but as of this morning I think I have found a partner to tag along. Good luck with the planning and finding someone to go with you, I'm sure as the season gets closer someone will pop up looking for a partner.

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    semper fi brother, thats sweet. Congrats and good luck.

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    send me a pm if your thinking about crossing the delta river
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    I had a successful hunt for DS203 last year. Great area! There is a reasonable amount of good info on the hunt floating around these forums, but it can be tough to synthesize it all together. Unless you are flying in pre-season or going to Charlie Boyd, be prepared to do a lot of walking (which I like, but others don't). FWIW, there were a few people hunting right off the Richardson last year (not sure why), a lot of cars (6-10) in the parking lot to access Jarvis creek, a car or two in the Castner area, a car or two hunting the Granit Mountain area, and a couple of cars hunting the Gerstle/July creek area. That should give you an idea of how much competition to expect in any given area.

    Most people will be really reluctant to provide any info on where they got their sheep. The one clue I'll give is that I only had to walk four miles to get our sheep out.

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    check my link below


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