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Thread: Complicated to become a Transporter?

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    Default Complicated to become a Transporter?

    I'm asking around for advice on pursuing a Big Game Hunt Transporter License, Wondering if I need to do a bunch to my boat? and the complications of this business on the inside and from those who have had either bad or excellent experiences as a hunter being transported

    I have a former Cook Inlet Gillnetter, 38' Mel Martin, can sleep four plus myself, have tons of experience on waters of SW coast and good stories to tell, don't want anything to do with guaranteeing someone's success, or packing around in the woods with "Joe Whoever" but don't mind carrying them there. I have had a 200/ton Inspected Vessel Masters license since the early 90's.

    Just hoping to help hunters get to the field on the basics to save some money for folks offering a Basic Transport Drop-Off service like "no fine wine/lobster tails on here but there's ice in the fishhold if you want to keep your cold ones down there, go ahead and jump on down there and get em yourself," kind of deal. There's a hot shower, good stove, etc. as long as you can open a can of Chili yourself, you'll be alright, eating fine on here.

    Lots of room to pack your animals and we can travel in fog and wind, to a point. A little slower than an airplane but I think I can smoke the prices I hear you guys are paying to get out there.

    Anybody doing this or have advice on what I need?
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    I sent you a pm. Bottom line, better know the fine print of all the transporter regs to keep from getting in trouble.

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    It is difficult to become a transporter. It is just as difficult to remain a transporter. Huge amount of paperwork. In a boat you'll have the Coast Guard watching over you as well as the wildlife troopers.
    Expect it to get worse as the BGCSB continues it's quest to protect existing guides and transporters by making it even harder to become such!
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