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Thread: 40 mile to eagle

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    Default 40 mile to eagle

    floating the 40 mile 112 mile bridge to eagle june 6 to 11th. anyone know exact river miles and dangers. is it fun

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    Default mikeys Float book...

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    Here's my short write up on it:

    I wrote there that it was about 140 river miles, although I don't remember it being that long. I suppose it is though.

    There are a couple riffles, but the only place to get nervous is the canyon just a few miles above Clinton Creek and the confluence with the Yukon. The river has changed here a few years back and it can be deadly. If the water is low there is almost nothing there, and mid flows aren't much worse. But if the water is high, just don't be there. The possibility of lining or portaging seems reasonable if the water is low (although completely unnecessary), but if the water is high it would be very difficult.

    I would not hesitate to do the Fortymile, it's one of Alaska's best easy water floats, but if the water is high just divert to doing the stretch from mile 76 (or higher) down to 112 and get out there. The national weather service has a gauge at the bridge with a readout on the net, so finding water levels before hand is easy enough.


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