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    hey guys, how was the 2nd half of your duck season? I hunted in AK up until Nov 10th then on the 13th, I flew out to hunt back home in Calif. Been 3 yrs since I was back home here and the hunting hasn't been as good as I expected. You can get a limit many times if your in the right spot but mostly not much more shooting than at a limit of ducks for the most part. We hunt Wed, Sat & Sun at the club. Will be nice to get back home to AK on the 25th. Down here we have had only had 2 foggy days up until now. Last year we had our best season and missing the last 2 years I was hoping for rain as that sets us up for heavy dense fog but we've had maybe 1/2 inch of rain if that. I'm hunting in Los Banos, 2 1/2 hrs south of Sacramento. Lot's of duck around but not much weather to move them around or kick them out of Sac where they have at least a million of our birds holding up and filling up on the rice. It's been a terrible duck season weather wise. Maybe 3 cloudy hunts since Nov 15th. That sucks. Thanks fur the current Arctic chill that's moving in from the gulf of Alaska. Feels like home. Cheers!

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    Default hey danny

    hey danny nice to hear from you its Tim
    Hey man look at it this way at least your still sittin in a duck blind with a least a chance to kill birds were holed up in -15 degree weather today its been cold since you been gone with a few warm day mixed in. Did you bag that canvasback to bring home for me yet ha ha ha. I need a can for my wall collection. Well good luck on the rest of your trip hopefully the birds show up for you.

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    hey Tim, did you get my pm over on the journal? first duck I knocked down was a drake can. It's head and neck wasn't in full plumage yet so I ate it. Sorry. I have another drake can but that is for someone at the shop. Really sorry now! I have this weekend and next wed and if I get another It's yours.

    Still, no rain, no fog and won't be any. first time on record no fog, nor rain. if it wasn't for the latest hard freeze the hunting would have been most miserable. feel bad for the citrus farmers. lookin like the citrus, and avacodo and strawberry farmers will lose somewhat close to at least 75% to 100% total loss. The prices for Oranges and lemons will be pretty high in the stores this year. But "thanks" to the TRAITOR president George BUSH, he already screwed the American Avocado Farmer yrs ago with his b.s. free trade to take in avacodo's from mexican farmers so they'll they be doubly happy about California's freeze up. Will be so glad to get back home. I should have booked my ticket to return yesturday. haven't even shot at a snow yet. I've got 62 ducks but I also don't shoot spoonies. hopefully next year's weather will improve. i'll keep after them Cans Tim. They are still around.

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    Default cans

    nope dan didnt get a pm from you, good luck on your remaining days there. I was just kidding about the cans but if you did end up with one to bring home for me that would be awesome.

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    Hello Tim, yeah sorry bout that. didn't really break the news to ya in the most polite fashion. lol. sorry bud. guess my faculties were not there that day. last wed, i should have hunted with my dad. i usually do on wed but opted to shoot my tule blind. I screwed up. the teal ate him up alive. he was done in 25 min. he said they kept coming and coming and a few big bunches of 30. I hunted that same blind with him for 2 wed. in a row and it was miserable with no weather to speak of. it's always a good teal blind because the water is shallow but I wanted to hunt my blind the last day. Oh well, I ended up getting my limit in the afternoon. Got another pintail that will have mounted and a bufflehead. Very happy and glad to be back home in paradise


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