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Thread: Question since I was so fortunate.

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    Default Question since I was so fortunate.

    No, I am not going to ask for specific drainages or GPS coordinates. Wouldn't complain if you wanted to PM them to me though. Spend enough time on the fourm to know better.
    I drew DS141. Will do some scouting when I am up there at the end of this month. Just a simple questoin. When you are planning your Sheep hunts, and looking at topo maps, which i have one right next to me. Is there any particular terrain features you look for that makes you think that one drainage would hold more sheep than another? Like changes in elevation; how much Southern exposure one has versus another or vice versa? Anything you have noticed would be nice, and appreciated.
    I won't have a lot of time to scout but figured If i can narrow it down on a topo I can concetrate my efforts on the time I do have. Also going to read Tony Russ books again. And pick up one or two others.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who decides to chime in.

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    I'm a fellow DS141 permit recipient, but am not nearly as noble as ynggrasshopper... I'll gladly take GPS coordinates and specific drainages. Plenty of room in my PM inbox.
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