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Thread: Wounded Soldier Sitka, AK Fishing trip - UPDATE

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    Talking Wounded Soldier Sitka, AK Fishing trip - UPDATE

    We are proud to say that all 20 of the plane tickets have been taken care of by private donations this year.

    A majority of the Wounded Soldiers will be coming from Ft Lewis, Washington this year with the exception of 3. I, myself, have been asked to participate this year to see how it all works and to enjoy the trip. One wounded Soldier will be coming from Fairbanks, AK and the other will be flown in from South Carolina.

    2 of these tickets were donated by AKDoug from right here on this forum. Thank you very much Doug and also for the continued support for the years to come that you have so generously offered. I had one other offer from a gentleman but he was only able to cover half of a trip. Thank you as well. Save your miles and next year, maybe you will be able to get an entire ticket for one of these soldiers.

    If in the future (Next year in May) you would like to donate your air miles then please hold on to them and save them up. This year it took 15,000 air miles with Alaska Airlines to get a roundtrip ticket for one soldier from Fairbanks or Anchorage to Sitka, Alaska. If you would like to save your miles for one of these Heroes, then please send me an email at and I will put you on a list. When the time comes I will contact you again to see if it is still possible for you to get a ticket. This year the average price was $440 per RT ticket. If you would also like to make a tax-deductible donation to help cover the cost of a flight for one of these Heroes then you can donate one of 2 ways:

    Online at our website and click on the DONATE button. You can use PayPal or Credit Card here. In the remarks section, please make sure and put "Sitka TASF".

    The other way you can contribute is by sending us a CHECK or MONEY ORDER. You must make the check out to "Take a Soldier Fishing" and in the memo part put "SITKA TASF"
    Please mail your contribution to:

    Take a Soldier Fishing
    3378 Eagle Point West Ave
    Belton, Texas 76513

    **If you would like a Tax Deductible Receipt for your donation please include a return address. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes and you will remain unknown to the public. If your business wishes to make a contribution and requires our EIN (Employee Identification Number) or a letter requesting support on our letterhead then please contact me VIA Email. We have all the required documentation they will need to contribute.

    I would personally like to thank all of the anonymous donors that make this trip possible and all of the other contributions that go along with this program.

    This is not a "Take a Soldier Fishing" program, but we support it whole-heartedly and will do whatever it takes to get Wounded Soldiers to Alaska for 3 wonderful days of fishing. If you would like to hire a charter company in Sitka, AK then please think of L & M Charters first and book your trip with Mike and Linda Slifer. They are top notch, first class people that ask for nothing in return for putting these two wonderful events on.

    You guys usually only hear about the first wave of 20 soldiers that go out in May. They actually do this trip twice a year. The 2nd wave consists of 3 private jets that are donated every year that fly out of Salem, Oregon. They then head to Ft Lewis where they pick up the second group of wounded soldiers and fly them into Sitka for another 3 days of fishing. The Captains of these boats volunteer their time every year two times for our Heroes and our hearts and thanks go out to them for their own personal sacrifices each year.

    God Bless each and every one of our Soldiers and the people that support them. Being a wounded soldier myself, I know what they have had to endure with their commands and with themselves with all of the struggles within. Keep your head high and always keep your mind busy. Should anyone ever just need to talk or understand something that a soldier they know may be going through, please send me an email or give me a call. My personal number is 254-368-2174.

    Thank you once again and God Bless.

    Mike Nashif

    Take a Soldier
    Take a Soldier
    Battle of the
    Combat Warrior Crisis

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    Thats great news Mike! A well deserved trip for you too! Maybe our paths will cross here or another fishing venue soon. Thanks for all your hard work, support, and assistance.


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    Thanks Mitch. I am looking forward tot he trip. I have never been to Alaska sp this is a treat for me as well.


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