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Thread: Aerial wolf control.

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    Default Aerial wolf control.

    In the wolf control supplement it says, "Note, this program is wolf control, not wolf hunting." Does this mean you cant take the hides? What exactly does it mean?

    I'm wondering because I'm considering fulfilling a life long dream and buying a two-seater ultralight with snow skis and applying for this. If I could salvage the hides, the ultralight could theoretically pay for itself (pitch to the wife anyways).

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    Default hides

    you keep the try to sell them for gas money..cuz you'll need it....but without much experience flying in the areas good luck getting the permit........the control means its a state authorized intensive management program.....not sport hunting open to everyone....hunting to some degree implies fair chase which is a big topic in other threads....this control program is not hunting and not fair is a program initiated by the state to "control" the numbers of wolves in certain areas of the state to increase the populations of prey species... moose, caribou
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