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    My wife and I are planning on taking the camper for a 8-10 day camping/fishing trip starting about May 26 when school lets out and she is done teaching.

    Since it is early in the fishing season and not all places are done with winter, I am trying to decide were to go and have kinda of come up the idea of doing some small float trips and Grayling fishing in the interior out of Fairbanks. Looking at the Chena River and the Chatanika River on the Steese Hwy on the way to Circle. We have a small inflatable and outboard.

    What do you think? Any other idea's. Thanks again.

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    In terms of "other ideas" it would kind of depend on what kind of fishing you want to do. If you want to fish for halibut and/or kings your best bet for something on the road system would be the Kenai Peninsula. There are a lot of nice kings filtering into a lot of the streams down this way about then, but it's "road system" fishing so it can be "combat" fishing at its best in some places.

    If you're more interested in grayling, rainbows, etc., then the interior would be a better bet. I'm am not that familiar on your options there so someone else would be a better bet if that's what you're interested in.

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    I really had a great time fishing the streams on the Denali Hwy (as in the dirt road from Cantwell to Paxson) this summer. It was a cool drive, scenic, and would be good camping spots and the fishing was great. I only did it once last summer but plan on doing it multiple times this coming summer because it was such a blast. We walked up one of the creeks (name escapes me) there and I bet I caught a grayling every 6th cast. There were a few good sized ones that I got but the locals in the lodges had tails and spots for much bigger ones with equal frequency that I am planning on pursuing this summer. Not sure of the floating options but I was told there are also good Lake trout fishing from boats in the lakes along the road.


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