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Thread: Which bottom paint? Manual says no copper.

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    Default Which bottom paint? Manual says no copper.

    So my volvo penta shop manual says specifically not to use copper oxide bottom paint. The store I went to recommended cyprus oxide (same thing?). The shop manual did not say why I shouldn't use copper, so it may have been because of the environmental impacts.

    This is for a commercial gillnet boat, so I want to use the good stuff. Does anybody know why the shop manual (volvo) would recommend against using a copper oxide bottom paint? Is there any reason why I shouldn't use this stuff recommended by the professional mariners?

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    If I understand correctly, VP doesn't want copper bottom paint on the sterndrive because it's aluminum, and copper would set up corrosion (is electrolysis the better word?) with the aluminum. Even on a fiberglass hull, VP recommends painting with copper only up to within an inch or so of the sterndrive transom assembly.

    Use a different paint like Trilux 33 on the aluminum.
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