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Thread: sea kayaking kodiak

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    Default sea kayaking kodiak

    I would like to do an unguided kayak trip 6 to 12 days on Kodiak Island. I have experiences in sea kayaking, but I am not the expert for surf, storm or high currents. My aim is to see some wildlife (eg. otters, whales, bears, puffins etc) while kayaking in mostly calm waters. It would be great to get information about:
    - Kayak rentals
    - Kodiak regions for well Kayaking (from Kodiak or reachable with scheduled flights)

    Thanks Tomke

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    Default Shuyak, Raspberry tour

    I did a lot of it right out of Kodiak and the best was the area around Shuyak Island, Afognak, Raspberry Islands. You could head right out of town off the Ferry and follow coastline without too many major open water passages for "Days of Extraordinary Kayaking."

    Don't think you need to fly anywhere or need to be a heavy surf or storm Kayaker to have a lot of fun and see all those critters you are looking for and very little traffic in other people along the way. Don't know about rentals but there are some in town.

    Check out the charts of the area and you'll be able to plan something easily that keeps you in relatively calm or close to shore traveling.

    Good Plan, you'll love this area
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    Default North or South

    Kodiak Is. has some pretty neat and unique oppertunity for kayaking. On the north end you will find heavy spruced beaches and hills.
    The South end has a lot more open terrain with tundra hills and alder filled valleys. Both ends and in between have more sea life than you can believe. The waters in between can be quite trecherous though.

    You will probably see more bear and whales and less people in Alitak Bay on the south end.
    You can fly from Kodiak to the village of Akhiok with your gear for about $150. There is a guy there that has some pretty decent kayaks for rent and there are also some rental cabins in the area.
    For lots of whales June is best. Check it out on a map or google earth. The inner bays Portage, Sulua, Deadman have miles of fairly protected waters and are surrounded by KNWR lands. From the village on into Moser Bay and through the narrows into Olga Bay are Native Corp lands with salmon set net camps along the beaches. A cannery in Lazy Bay operates a store and has public phones.
    Dog salmon River in Olga Bay has some pretty impressive sockeye in June
    Send me a PM and I can tell you how to contact the guy with the Kayaks if your interested in that area.


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