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Thread: 18 footer questions

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    Default 18 footer questions

    There may be on an old avon 18' non self bailer in my near future. Two main questions. Is my 6X8 trailer going to be long enough for it? It's got a long tongue, would it help if I extended the decking a little?

    Also, how long of a frame would you build for it? I am trying to price out parts.


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    Depends on how old the model is... generally tho' - I like to run side-rails as long as I can to make variations from simple none (seat or slant) to one bay, then to a two bay, even 3-4 bay frame using cross-bars and toss in a style of foot-bar.

    Good plan here with straight side-rails is to not extend into the seam-work that mitre construct upturn/kick or bow/stern geometry.

    Made a lot of miles in Avon's back in the day... good boats... some very much affordable as well as serviceable today.

    If at the Sportsman Show - I'll be there & easy enough to lend a hand on specifics for frames - especially if you have year/model of boat manufacture, frame fittings, and pipe in mind.


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