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Thread: Inflatable canoe rental

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    Default Inflatable canoe rental

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anybody have experience on this
    company: Alaska Outdoor rentals (FAI)

    Positive or negative experiences? (in case of negative just PM me)
    I'm planning a float and Soar 16 sounds adequate rig.


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    see them in business every summer there by pioneer park... can't say i have EVER heard good or bod on them... weekly rates on a soar are not bad. may be cheaper to rent another then buy another...

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    Default Not Bad Not bad at All

    They do a lot of things and they do them well to include a ton of Canoe stuff. Can;t speak on their inflatable stuff but I am sure they would run a similar operation. I would like to know how they got the long term lease on State / FNSB land seems it never made the paper but good for them. Great location and always busy.

    I have not been privy to any negative comments concerning the services and or equipment.

    If that is the type of boat your looking to rent you might also wish to Contact Larry B at Pristine Ventures as well don't know if they are in a joint venture or just picke dup some P.P's for renters.

    You might also wish to consider your options depending on your river and float hunt issues and look towards round boats.

    Best wishes

    Richard Mousseau


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