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Thread: .500 S&W Light & Medium Loads

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    Default .500 S&W Light & Medium Loads

    I finally got my lead pot fired up and molded up a bunch of 440 gr bullets for my .500 S&W. This is the only .500 mold I have at the present; I may buy a lighter one later.

    I can find plenty of data for full power loads with the bullet but find little data for light and medium loads. I'd like to shoot the gun more before the summer but full power loads are too much to tolerate for many rounds.

    Anyone have exerience with light and medium loads with this caliber and bullet and have some loading data to share?

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    I don't have a 500, and haven't shot anything but the big boy loads out of one, but if you go over to Hodgdon's data site they have tons of loads. Just a quick check showed me that as I suspected, there is a load for your 440 and IMR Trailboss. The loads they showed were kinda "anemic", if such a thing is possible from a 500 S&W, but they should be fun for summertime plinking, might even be mild enough for little kids, or some one less experienced who wants to say they shot the big one.

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    Here's a couple you can try - the fps is from a 5" non-ported barrel.
    Using a rifle primer with the IMR-4227 powder you'll gain approximately 30fps in velocity.
    IMR-4227 - 28 grains - WLP primer - 960fps
    IMR-4227 - 30 grains - WLP primer - 1153fps

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    I haven't shot mine yet, but I bought several "cans" of Trailboss for it and cast many RCBS 400 gr. bullets.


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