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Thread: Bald Eagle Shot

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    Unhappy Bald Eagle Shot

    Some one shot a Bald Eagle close to the mouth of the Deshka River sometime around the 1st. to 3rd of Apr. It was alive when found but they had to put it down because of the wounds. If anyone saw or heard anything about this please contact Rory Stark at 271-1967. That is some lead that could have been used on a big bad wolf.

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    Why on a Wolf?..Wouldnt shoot an eagle myself..but go to the dump and see the majestic bird...Just another Raven there. O i forgot Wolves kill and waste animals,not unlike the Point Hope folks and alot of other ****** bag shooters who live in Alaska..

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    I've seen multitudes of the Bald Eagle, as well as talked to many that seem to think they become nuisances...But I myself could never imagine the thought of harming one, Or knowing someone to harm one purposely. This makes me sick....

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    Default Well hey

    Let's see, racoons will get in trash cans, bears will get in trash cans, dogs will get in trash cans, and hey PEOPLE will get in trash cans. So what is the point of pointing out an animal who will get in trash, so we should shoot the ones who are opportunistic? Your comparison to scumbag hunters is good though. As far as the wolf goes, don't think I'd like to eat a wolf, but do like moose and caribou. It's just simple evolution, we got guns, they don't. Fewer wolves, more meat for us. We are predators, sorry, I don't feel bad about it. It's all about law enforcement. Poachers just don't ever seem to get punished. This one could really take off, so I'll stop here...
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    Default It's about someone shooting a eagle

    The thread turned into a ***** about a wolf when the original statement was about some scum shooting a eagle. The reference to the wolf was I'm sure intended to mean there are a lot of other LEGAL this a person can hunt.
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