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Thread: Win 70 Coyote Lite Stock Flex

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    Cool Win 70 Coyote Lite Stock Flex

    I have a Win 70 Coyote lite in .325 WSM. I also have a Harris Ultralight Bipod on the front stud. At the range the other day, I noticed that when using the bipod while tracking different targets, the stock would flex. Seeing that the barrell is completely freefloated, as the stock flexed the barrell would come into contact with it near the end. Anyone who shoots free floated barrells know that even a small twig in between the barrel and stock can affect accuracy. Is there any one who has a Coyote lite stock and offer advice?

    We checked all aspects, ie. screws, bedding, of the stock and found nothing out of the ordinary. No cracks or damage to the stock of any kind. The best we could come up with was that the cuts in the forearm of stock, used to lighten it up, was not providing enough rigidty to support the action. It seems to only be affected when the bipod is attached. Apparently, the torque that is applied by the bipod exceeds the flexing capacity of the stock. Potentialy a bad setup for long range shots.

    Anyone have any suggestions or similar experience?

    Selling it to Tim or Pat is not an option!

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    I think your best option would indeed be to sell it to your good buddy Tim (since he's already set up to load for it) and buy something else...
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    If you mean the Marlin 1895XLR modified to the .457 WWM in a copilot config with the scout scope and kevlar stock, you must be joking.


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