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Thread: neutral lock on a OB Jet

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    Default neutral lock on a OB Jet

    I have a 90/60 merc on my 17'6" wooly AK and when I go to cut the throttle or shift it into reverse the neutral lock engages on the controls and is a pain in the butt. I am have been told that this lock only releases when the motor is at idle but I don't know if that is true. Since the impeller only spins one way and all you are doing is dropping the cup not changing gears when you go to reverse I imagine it would be a smart thing to eliminate that lock. Has anyone done this? Can you give me an idea what would be involved?

    I am thinking this mod and adding a faster ratio helm would do wonders for my boating experience.

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    I am not familar with the Merc controls? I assume they are all very similar.
    On my Johnson, I just taped the neutral lockout to the handle in the up posistion with some white fabric tape.
    No prob now going fron full forward to full reverse in one ez motion, gotta remember to take it off when I put the prop on.
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    I have a Honda 90 on the same boat. I took my control apart and removed the lock out. I don't remember all the details but I put it back to factory. If I remember it took some of the friction out and the throttle wouldn't hold steady.

    And the boat is for sale.
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