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Thread: Army Women heading to Homer

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    My wife (Army Nurse) and her Army Nurse friend have decided to take an early May get out of Fairbanks drive to Homer for some fun and possibly some fishing. I am a teacher so won't be going (darn responsibilities) but I have been recruited (or honey-doed) to check in on fishing activity in Homer the first few weeks of May and perhaps get a hint or two on some good charters. Both are good fisherwomen though not necessarily experts but they will bait their own hook and bash their own fish.

    I do know some people will take military out with them and usually this is for returning deployed soilders (which is awesome by the way) but does anyone want to take out two gals that who help fix these guys up when they get home?

    Presuming their may not be any takers on the above plea does anyone have some tips for me on charter people down in Homer that would be good to send these two ladies out on? I think they would enjoy a Halibut/King charter if possible but probably would be mostly intrested in getting something on the line whatever it might be.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Homer charters

    If you click on my name you'll get a personal contact to me. I'd be happy to give you some suggestions.


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