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    Default Flex Testing Arrows for

    Shooting carbon arrows? Checking for cracks?

    I broke one the other day; shooting from an angle, hitting an arrow on the arrow's side. But it got me thinking about cracks. Graphite in flyrods is vulnerable to nicks, so wouldn't arrows be vulnerable to nicks too?

    Found good information at the Hunter's Friend website, which verified that the "incidental contact" of target shooting can cause problems, and suggested a good way to check your arrows for problems . Check out the photo sent in by Percy Giblin, Houston, TX. The Flex Test seems like a hand-y safety tip.

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    I flex test mine periodically. Looks like I need to kick it up a notch. Good info and a great reminder to guys like me, thanks for the link. That guy's hand wasn't bad compared to what the splintered arrows do. Ouch..

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    Flex test EVERYTIME you pull arrows. Make it a habit. I have a friend that bought a bow and arrows from HuntersFriend a couple years ago. The second shot he took with the bow, and the FIRST time the carbon arrow he was shooting was shot, it exploded and penetrated completely through his bow hand. I've fired 10's of thousands of arrows and have been around archer for 30 years and never seen this happen, but once was enough to convince me.
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