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Thread: Protocol----Soldotna Fisherman's Garage Sale

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    Default Protocol----Soldotna Fisherman's Garage Sale

    Administrator please help me announce this to the members in the appropriate manner:

    Announcing an estate sale of a Kenai fisherman's entire collection plus boat. I have a friend that will not be returning to Alaska and he has asked me to sell off all of his gear and boat plus his house, two cars, and personal belongings. There are four us pricing everything, we started assembling the stuff this weekend.

    There's a huge amount of combined carpentry and auto repair tools, fishing gear, most of good 4 poles with 400 Calcutta reels ($110/ea.), tons of gear such as 82 Kwik Fish silver with chartreuse still in the retail packaging ($2/ea), and a 18' Custom built to his specs by Howard Finn, CA with 35hp and 8hp kicker, trim tabs, depth sounder on a nice trailer ($12K). Way too much stuff to list. He'd like to see it go to guys who will appreciate the quality, ...we're pricing everything to sell over the next week.

    The property is 4.3 acres, 2400sq/ft shop building with apartment, out buildings, travel trailer, fish cleaning station, commercial ice maker ($225K)... this guy was set up for summer fun. Everything that's glued to the floor goes for one price.

    Personal stuff...all the usual.

    I'm annnouncing this to you guys so that you can take advantage of getting in on the front end....officially, we're popping the doors on this sale this Saturday...if you guys want in early PM me and I'll make it happen for you a couple hours before kick off this Saturday.

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    Default 10%

    The forum gets 10% of all sales.

    Just kidding of course. I don't think there are any rules for announcing an auction. Selling items on the forum would be different and fall under the selling rules.

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    Question Ok we need more details

    you've got our how about a location,times,contact number,etc..
    too bad the guy isn't coming back up here..........sounds like a good oppertunity to pick up some new/used gear.
    So tell us more..........please

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    Default Interested Parties Update- Garage Sale

    Here is a map for the directions, click on the acme mapper icon:,-150.88400&z

    Its Panoramic to Marriott to Harbin....its on the corner of Harbin, blue metal building, two over head doors. Look for the "For Sale By Owner" sign

    Address: 37790 Harbin

    If you have questions about the stuff or get lost because of my directions call my cell 250-1948, .....but the cell reception inside the metal building is not good, I might not hear it ring. This is a cash only sale, no returns as the owner is no longer residing in Alaska, everything is going out the door in one direction......remember, cash only.

    Officially, the sale starts at 10 am but if any of you guys wish to check it out, one of us will be there at 7:30am Saturday. I have some pictures of our garage sale set-up on a cell phone and hope to post them yet today for your review.

    If you want pictures of the boat or real property PM me your email and will forward, I have quite a few. The owners name and phone number are on the sign on the driveway, one of us here in the area can give you a tour or look at the boat by appointment only over the next few days. What ever I can do help you out let me know. Feel free to call me on my cell at 250-1948. Notice will be going up on Craigslist.

    Thx for your consideration and responses, we appreciate your interest, look forward to your questions.

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    Default Update on Fisherman's Yard Sale

    General sale and fishing gear sale is on Saturday, starts at 10am for general public. For those forum members who can make it to the sale I will open the doors at 8am. Because of the amount of items and setup time we need in the morning for putting up signs, the volunteers administering the sale will not be ready until 8am. Door opens at 8am.

    By my count, there are 608 flat fish of which something like 150 are still in their original packaging, another 200+ are reconfigured with single hook. While hanging the flat fish up I realized there are many different sizes and colors. Everyone will have a fair shot at the items on Saturday morning.....its priced, organized, ready to sell....its all priced to go out the door, no refunds, cash only.

    I've been asked about the Calcutta reels and poles. There were four for sale but, upon examination, I think that one of the reels has a problem with the level wind so I pulled it until I can get someone to determine what the issue, we're selling three this Saturday. The attached poles with the Calcutta's are of different lengths and weights, but the poles, in comparison to the reels, are worn and sub-standard in my opinion so be sure to check closely....because of the condition of the poles your buying the reels for this price IMO. There are several other level-wind and spin-reels and poles .....some in good shape and quality, others are not. There's tools (a steal on two brand new dust collectors with tubing kits $100/ea), household and ladders etc., camping gear,.... you get the picture, a lifetime of stuff.

    Boat sold from an advertisement on Craigslist.

    They don't show much detail and only about 30% of the general sale but the photos will give you an idea of what to expect. We appreciate your consideration and hope to see you @ 8am. Thank you for your questions and inquiries. Call me if you have questions 250-1948.
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    Default River Boat @ Garage Sale Correction

    On a previous post I incorrectly reported that the river boat had been sold, my mistake. Yes, the custom 18' river boat is available for sale. You can check it out on Craig's List, come to see it by appointment (call 907-250-1948) or on Saturday, the day of the garage sale. The boats is a custom Finn built, welded, sturdy semi-v on a Calkins dual axle trailer with a number of accessories and features included (padded captains chairs to metal deck and built in fuel tank). She's a nice ride......especially for the price.

    See you at the garage sale, if you can make it.
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    Default Success Story

    A number of the forum members made the trip, visited the garage sale and, purchased items. We didn't sell everything as we have two other storage areas still to rumage through, organize and price. Thank you all for your support and for making this sale a success. If you are still in need of some items we'll try to sell the rest of the stuff off this Saturday/Sunday @ 10am.

    Thx, again, much appreciated.

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    Default Successful Sale

    With appreciation of all the designated volunteers working the estate sale, thank you for your support and participation. In just two weeks, selling items on the weekend days, nearly everything was sold including personal property, fishing gear, boat, trailers, autos, and ........we have even received a good offer by a local party to purchase the property.

    Every flat fish was sold, and as a matter of fact, I think every single piece of fishing gear was sold, I can't recall seeing anything left.

    Thank you.


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