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Thread: What happened to Dave & Scott

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    Default What happened to Dave & Scott

    Back in 1980 I was on the Westling (crab boat) and pulled into Makushin Bay on Unalaska Island. We met two guys trapping fox there. A few years later I saw one of them in Alaska Magazine. He was up around Manley Hot Springs trapping and living in a underground hut. Anyone remember?

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    ...I think I heard about this guy....
    -in 2001 when I was going through the trapping school up in Two-Rivers, Marty M. was talking about someone that sounded like what you're describing ...he was pretty eccentric (the guy you're asking about--)
    -would have been around the late 80's, when he lived out there in the hut-
    -according to Marty, he died sometime in the early '90s...

    -I'll try to find out for you-
    -now you've got me curious...

    ...btw...-I crabbed with the F/V Handler, mid 1990....
    -we set our pots near Buldir Island, and other areas west of Adak...
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    One of the men had lived all over Alaska, born & raised, and he trapped around Cold Bay in the 70s. The other was a transplant form the east coast, New York I believe, and moved to the peninsula area in the late 70s. He was the one that moved to Manley Hot Springs and lived in a underground hut. I'm guessing their ages to be 54 to 60 years old. (If alive). Any info would be appreciated.


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