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Thread: Sierra Trading Post and rain gear

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    Default Sierra Trading Post and rain gear

    Any idea on how to decide on what rain gear to get from Sierra Trading post? I already plan to get Grunden's for the boat and Helly Hensen for hunting. But I would like something breathable as well. There looks to be alot of deals on there. But how do you choose which one to buy. I am trying to gear up as much as possible here in the lower 48 before I make my trip up to Valdez. But don't want to buy something that won't be practical.

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    I can't recommend Arc'teryx enough, great, great, great stuff!

    ETA- No idea of Sierra sells it, but it's definitely worth a look. also has some deals

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    Default Search?

    I find raingear particularly to have many variables affecting the match between your requirments and your budget. The advantage of rubber gear (Grundens, some HH) is bulletproof waterproofness along with being easy to clean (while field dressing game, fish slime etc). But tradeoffs appear quickly once you start working in rubber gear - perspiring, that is. Rubber won't breathe. Many breathable fabrics leak. Some are noisy in the field, or don't hold up well in heavy brush.

    Most quality, breathable raingear is spendy. Last year, you could spend $600-$900 buying the best (Gore Tex Pro Shell or similar) pants/jacket combos, and from what I saw in a recent, limited, Outside magazine gear review, top prices will go up. Rubber gear comes as close to perfect as long as activity levels (and temps) are low. Beyond that, no one raingear is perfect. At least one of last year's users found that paying $900 for raingear wouldn't buy a fail proof hunt experience when it came to staying dry - and it seemed a small club paying that price.

    There is quite a bit of info about raingear - specific brands, materials and user experiences among old threads. Of course, this year we have a whole new crop of promises - remain to be proven up here. If youre inclined, I'd try these functions: "Search", "Advanced Search", then use the "Google Search" function for

    Good luck whatever you choose.


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