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Thread: Found another one!!!!!

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    Default Found another one!!!!!

    It was my wife and I's fifth anniversary today, and as we had already celebrated last night we decided to take a drive and hit up a couple of places we had never been to and do a little shopping- one of which was a new shop that is carrying a ton of handloading and bullet casting gear. I picked up a couple of things and as I was at the counter my wife kept elbowing me saying, "what it that honey?" When I picked it up it was a stainless/synthetic white super 91 with the lyman peep sight made for white. It was dirty as all H#$L!!!! The guy behind the counter said that he got it as a part of a lot from an estate auction and he hadn't had a chance to clean it up yet. I asked him what he wanted for it and he said $150! I couldnt help but give him the *** look- and his reply was "yes, I know what it is worth". Needless to say it was in my truck about 5 minutes later.

    I got it home and tore it down, and it looked like it had been fired about 20 times and put up without ANY cleaning inside a humid gun safe. That is the first time I have seen rust on stainless. After the inital cleanup, it is in WONDERFUL condition! The bore is mirror bright, and most of the rust came off with a little CLP and a stiff toothbrush. I have all the little parts soaking in CLP to get rid of the rest of the rust and Ill finish up cleaning tomorrow and post some pics after I get it put back together. HAHA!!!! I NEVER FIND GOOD DEALS!!!!!!!

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    Nice find. There is a Doc White Jaeger for sale on gun broker I have been drooling over. From there I browsed around on his website, he sure has made some neat guns. To bad most never came to full production. He also made some real neat bullets. Nice score and where are the pics?


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