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Thread: Composting worms

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    Default Composting worms

    Anyone know where to get them locally? I don't really want to pay for shipping. Thanks!

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    I'm fairly sure Alaska Mill and Feed carries them. Let us know, as I'll be needing some as well.

    (Whoops! I just saw you're in Fairbanks. I'll leave up my note in case any gardeners from the Anchorage area need any, though.)

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    Hi, there is a woman here in town (fairbanks) that sells vermicomposting worms. There is also a guy who sells them some on craigslist. Just do a search for worms. You get less than what you could for the money, but I bought some from him a couple months ago and they are doing great and have multiplied in my worm bins, so I'm happy.

    The lady here in Fairbanks who does it as a business is Giner. Her business name is Alaska Organic Fertilizer. 7995155 The last time I talked to her, she was 35.00 a pound for worms. She is very informative about the process also. She really seems to know her stuff. I didn't get my worms from her back at christmas time just because she was having a little problem with fruit flies and I didn't want to bring them into my house. She was very honest about it though. I will probably get some worms from her though, as I would like to up the amount I have now.

    I hope this helps and she doesn't mind me posting her info here (although, I got it from UAF co-op)


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