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Thread: Rifled Choke Tubes

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    Default Rifled Choke Tubes

    I'm toying with using my Browning Citori for SE PA deer this year.Briley, among others, offers rfiled choke tubes for the Invector system.

    Has anyone here tried these (or other manufacturers) with either sabot or Brennecke slugs?


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    Default Remington Buckhammers

    I have tried the Remington Buckhammers through a rifled tube in my 11-87. They seem to do pretty well for me. Not as good as a fully rifled barrel and sabots could do, but roughly 4" groups at 100 yards.

    Your problem would be threefold shooting them through a Citori:

    1. Aiming would be difficult with just the vent rib.

    2. The barrels may not point the same place, so you might have two distinct groups.

    3. There would be no way to sight it in.

    And, IME/O, the Buckhammers kick worse than any other slug I've tried.

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    I also shoot Remington 2 3/4" Buckhammers out of an early 11-87 with the cantilever scope mount with the screw in rifled choke tube. At 100 yards it will stack three right on top of one another, so about a 2.5 - 3in groups. Very deadly slug.

    I think you will run into issues trying to shoot slugs out of a ventilated barrel O/U. Might work fine for up close, but might get a little hard to aim further than 50 yards. Scotty


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