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Thread: Started a new build

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    Default Started a new build

    Well even though the .32 lancaster isnt quite finished (needs sanding, stain, toeplate, brown, and fix the trigger guard. I started another project. This one is going to be a half stock, Hawken iron trim parts, Mule ear Lock, 24" tapered .62 cal barrel. The stock is A pretty nice piece of walnut I bought for 20 dollars last year at the gun show. To be determined if I am going to do a patchbox on it. Probably do a silver hunters star inlay at least

    The idea behind this one is a light, fast handling, hard hitting Gun for big game. The barrel is a 1:66 twist so roundballs will be the projectiles. The mule ear lock should make for lighting fast ignition.

    I started on it about thanksgiving time. Cut the stock to shape and started inlaying the barrel. It soon became obvious I was in dire need of some more quality chisels, not to mention a break from Building anyway.

    I even half looked for a builder for it too. But they are hard to find believe it or not. At least for something like what I wanted. Plus, I didnt want to wait a year or two to get my gun.

    Anyway, last week I started again on it with my 250 dollar set of Two Cherries chisels! Wow what a difference to work with a nice diverse set of chisels. Not to mention a break! Im alot more enthusiastic.

    I still have not regained an intrest in the .32. Someday she will get done. But that was a frustrating gun to build. Lots of mistakes on that one. So far I like starting from scratch better. Everything is square and nice reference lines to refer too. And its nice to know that I have lots of wood to sand away Boo Boos or make adjustments. With a pre made stock you better get it right the first time.

    So far I have the breech plug fitted and the barrel almost inlayed. About another 1/8" and Ill be there. Course then I got to inlay the plug and tang to really be 100% done.

    So Ill post more pics when I got something interesting to show.

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    You'll have to get pics...I'm FINALLY moving on my 2 10ga folwlers...have the barrel tang inletted and butt plate installed, hopefully going to have the lock and side plates installed this weekend and get the guts to the lock in....maybe.

    I also have the 2 cherries chisels...very nice stuff! Sure wish they'd sell a complete gouge set without the rest of the crap.


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