Vince Webster was re-appointed and Tom Kluberton was appointed to the Board of Fisheries. I am glad that Webster got back on board, Heck, I wrote the Governor's guy in charge of the Board and commissions and asked that he get re-appointed. I believe Webster will give people a fair shake if you come up with the facts. I also believe from a dipnetters standpoint, that we could have ended up with someone a lot more lopsided. That is why I asked that he be re-appointed.
Tom is a nice guy but I have only met him a couple of times. I know when he was on the Borough Assembly, he testified to economics, in front of the BOF. That should be a good thing. Time will tell.
Looks like they are waiting for the Legislature to adjourn before filling that gal from Fairbanks seat. The website says they will fill the seat within 30 days of wood's resignation. Whoever fills that seat will run a full year prior to having to be confirmed by the Legislature. Smooth mooove, Governor. You will dodge the bullet on that one.