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Thread: Warn Winch problems

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    Cool Warn Winch problems

    This past fall my buddies and I went for an imaginary moose hunt near Chicken. While trying to traverse the miles of mud, my 2500 lbs warn winch under load would kill the engine on my POL 500. It would start right back up but was continually cutting out. It may just have been the fact that we were pulling a Bomb Outlander across a 30' man made bridge. Anyone else run into this kind of winch problem?

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    Strange that it would kill the engine. I wonder if the controller could do that, overload the electrical system on the quad. do you have one of the 8 posters that they recalled?

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    I would suspect a short in your wiring harness.

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    My assessment was that while placing a huge load on the electrical system that a circuit protector shut the electrical system down. The digital display would blink out and the engine would die. It very well could be a protection system that keeps the alternator from frying. I don't think it is a short becuase I thoroughly abuse the winch during winter months, plowing and winching out of ditches.

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    What year Polaris is it? If it is an '04 or newer they won't run with a really low or dead battery. Possibly the battery is in a bad state to begin with and the load drops it down to an unexeptable level for the ECM and shuts the machine down. Just throwing that out there as a maybe.

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    Default This might just Help!

    I found this site that give you a variety of warn winch and it also contains lots of good information about the stuff so it might help you. by the way did you conult your dealer or a car mechanic already? maybe you need a new one.

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    Default Dead Polaris

    My vote is the battery. I have this problem every winter plowing snow in the dark. Battery eventually runs low, machine takes a nap.


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