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    Last week while shooting my Ruger 77 338 Federal at the range I was encountered by an inquisitive old gent. He wanted to know all about the cartridge the gun etc. I didn't know it at the time but it turns out I was giving him a sales pitch. He got my name and pertinent info from the range master and called me last night. Apparently he is head to Canada on a black bear hunt and after my unintended sales pitch he got on the net and read up on the 338 Fed. He called me last night bound and determined to con me out of my gun. He showed up an hour later with a smorgasbord of trading stock. He was leaving on the hunt today and was a man on a mission in regards to my 338.

    I ended up trading my SS 77 Hawkeye 338 fed/ weaver K4 scope straight across for an unfired Remington 700VTR in 308 wearing a like wise new Swift premium grade 4.5-14 mil-dot scope/sunshade all mounted with Burris hardware and also sporting a brand new Harris bi-pod. He even threw in 500 rounds of fairly recent production ball ammo. It was a no brainer I think considering I had $525 in the 338 plus scope.

    So now tell me about the 700VTR and the Swift scope.

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    Remongton VTR = Worst hunk of steel to be called a firearm since the Lorcin.

    Don't know much about them but they should rival the accuracy of the other Remmy Tactical offerings. They look sharp and the .308 is tailored for the 168gr bullets. Thats' all I remember from the reviews I read. You'll probably be informing us on its virtues. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to razz.

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    I've seen a few on the range down here, most shoot good. The one that didn't improved dramatically when the shooter put one of those funny rubber anti vibration things on the barrel. The 1:12 twist is nicely suited for 168gr bullets.

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    I've threaded a couple for suppressors for folks and they seem pleased with them. When I had them apart to put on the lathe they looked like a typical 700 with a "tacti-cool" triangular barrel. I wasn't impressed with the injection molded plastic stocks, but usually I'm not thrilled with molded plastic anything.
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